Besides That Reunion concert 2020

Gekozen nummers:

RED ALERT op take it leave it CD

En de uitgekozen tracks

1.Black full night
2.Love Will rescue
3.The light
4.Feel the hunger

7.New Boy
8.I am back
9.Help me
10.Hey you
11.Love is a secret place alert

13.Saddest song
14.So alone
15. That’s me
16. Train comes after
17. Hold me
18. I see the light cause i believe
19. Superman
20. wanna go home

Black full night (a440)
Love will rescue (Cd 24 7)

The Light (oefenruimte opname)
I feel the hunger (Cd lament)
Down (cd 24 – 7)
Emotions (CD the sign)

New Boy (CD 24/7)
I’m Back (CD lament)
Help me (cd driven)
Hey You (cd 24/7)
Love is a secret place (CD the sign)
Red Alert (oefenruimte)
Saddest Song (CD lament)
So Alone (CD 24/7)
That’s me (cd driven)
Train comes after (cd lament)
Hold me (cd 24 /7)
I see the light cause I believe (oefenruimte)
Superman (oefenruimte)

Gekozen covers:

1.Beautiful Day
4.I Will Follow
5.Bitter end
6.More than you Deserve
8. Sympathy

Sympathy (orgineel)
sympathy (versie Marillion)

De vraagtekens nog:

Hierbij alvast de ? Tracks

1. Man loves a woman
2. Its Over
3. Gold
4. Love me Harder
5. Seen your Face
6. Sixteen Bottles of pain

Gold (?)
It’s over (?)
Man loves a woman (?)
Love me harder (?)
Seen your face (?)
Sixteen Bottles of pain (?)